Fushifaru Maldives

On the north eastern edge of Faadhippolhu (Lhaviyani atoll) sits this exquisite little island between two channels connecting the atoll’s inner lagoon to the outer sea. A large sand bank lies on one side. Vibrant and mysterious sea creatures swim around in a small triangle connecting three of the most distinctive dive sites named after the island in the bigger, southern channel. Sums of cleaner fish cleanse and welcome various marine lives to the nationally protected reef.

We are the custodian that protects and sustains our home environment. Just like the cleaner fish that nourishes itself by helping rejuvenate other fish, this is a place where anyone is welcome to explore and relax in a journey of self-discovery.

The Island Landscape

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Heylhi spa at Fsufhiaru Maldives

Heylhi Spa

Sense inner beauty, love and harmony from the scent of frangipani flowers scattered throughout. Reconnect your body and mind through our treatment range to Relax, Revive, De-stress, for Support, Inner strength, Renewing and Nourishing.

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Diving and watersports at Fushifaru : Manta ray

Diving & watersports

We are surrounded by three locally renowned dive spots. With Fushifaru Thila, Giri and Kanu just around the corner, vibrant marine life are everywhere. Making this area more special is the close proximity of the three sites to each other.

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