From paddle boarding to snorkeling, diving and semi-submarine expeditions, underwater activities are endless at Fushifaru. For an insight into coral rehabilitation and marine education, a Resident Marine Biologist will be on hand to share lessons on conservation and conduct guided snorkelling tours around the island and nearby reefs.


To up the ante on adventure, a fully equipped gym overlooks the Indian Ocean, a multi-sports court hosts regular matches between Residents and guests or take your game to the water with jet skis, kayaks and catamarans.

Off-island visits include the largest tuna canning factory in the Maldives and partake in numerous social and sustainable activities.


Fushifaru Kan’du, a national Marine Protected Area sits right beside the resort and is home to three iconic dive sites including the renowned Fushifaru Thila that is teeming with marine life, unique cave formations and a marine cleaning station.

A true haven for diving enthusiasts and snorkellers alike.