Diving & Watersports

Snorkel in the channel hosting an array of marine species with an exceptional attraction towards the yellow and blue cleaner wrasse fish awaiting them at Fushifaru Thila. Our waters are euphoric with exciting species at every turn. Stingrays, white-tip sharks and barracudas call this spot home along with occasional visits from Manta Rays and even sharks during the southwest, most common amongst them are the cleaner fish they visit, as divers say. Canoe or fire up the Jet Ski toward the sand bank nearby.

We are surrounded by three locally renowned dive spots. With Fushifaru Thila, Giri and Thila just around the corner, vibrant marine life are everywhere. Making this area more special is the close proximity of the three sites to each other. It is said you can visit three spots at once. Manta Rays and other large fish swim around with a diverse range of exquisite marine life. Every monsoon unwraps different sides of the lively corals.