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Huraagandu ހުރާގަނޑު

Huraagandu is a gigantic sandbank on the northern side of Fushifaru just three minutes from the island, across the smaller channel “Kuda Fushifaru Kandu” – Kuda Kandu-olhi. Rest on a mountain of sand set on the ocean. Enjoy peaceful privacy during special occasions.

Spend the day at leisure, relax on this long stretch of sand, all by yourself or with someone. Or book a bird watching excursion on the sandbank.

Choose from our “Dine Anywhere” option, and have the dining experience of a life time, set especially for you on the sandbank. Or look out at the Huraagandu, while you indulge in flavorful Asian delicacies or grilled Seafood dishes, all the way across from Raakani Grill at Fushifaru Island.

Take in the view of the ocean with this Majestic Sandbank rising from the horizon, while you work out at our Gym at Fushifaru. Alternatively, if  play is on your mind, get some friends together, a picnic hamper, some water-sports equipment and jet off to the Sandbank.. for a full day of fun!