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Kandu-olhi ކަނޑު-އޮޅި

Kandu- Olhi is the wider of 500m two channels on either side of us. It is home to dive sites Fushifaru Giri, Fushifaru Kan and Fushifaru Thila. The channel hosts an array of marine species with an exceptional attraction towards the cleaner wrasse fish awaiting them at the marine life cleaning station at Fushifaru Thila.

This iconic dive site is a diver’s dream with exciting species at every turn. Stingrays,White-tip sharks and barracudas call this spot home along with occasional visits from hammerhead sharks and Manta Rays.

The cleaner wrasse fish at Thila remove dead skin tissue, scales and ecto parasites from various underwater species for food. It is proof of the necessity of mutual dependence for social well- being. An ecological interaction within a symbiotic relationship benefitting both. As such we are dedicated to conserve the ecosystem that surrounds us and maintain our marine protected home.

The rapid current streaming through the channel accentuates vivid soft corals and vibrant in colour.

According to local experienced divers you can gaze at the clouds floating above while discovering Rays, and Sharks standing asleep, awaiting rejuvenation within the clear waters.

Local veteran diver Hussain “Sendi” Rasheed there are very few lagoons of this design in other countries compared to the Maldives. The species that inhabit the lagoon depend on the design of the lagoon.

“The narrower the channel, the more compact and concentrated the species are,”

He said larger fish get disoriented when they swim more towards the inside, so they stay at the edge or outer reef.

“The Thila is the best area to dive in the Maldives. It is formed like a pinnacle at 10- 12 metres at the top,” Sendi said.

“Beginning of the year the visibility is great, it’s like there’s no water, you can see the clouds from thirty meatures underwater,”

“Fushi is the richest of the Maldives as waves break there, there are more underwater plants, In an underwater plant area, there will be ten times more habitat, because there are microorganisms we cannot see that attract fish as food,”

“What’s important for the Maldives is to find a way that we can maintain and conserve what is naturally ours,”

“Each island is unique, for example this island is called Fushifaru,it is not a name that came out of the blue, the name is derived from the island’s natural landscape and represents its role in nature,”

Kandu-olhi Villas

Our Water Villas are located facing the Channel or “Kandu-olhi”. These rooms will showcase essential elements of the diverse life and currents of the channel within its interiors. Order Room service and dine on your own terms or book a yoga session at the privacy of your own deck on your water villa veranda while looking out at the Kandu-olhi.